Using wget to download patches from oracle

One of the major concerns with My Oracle Support comes from the use of flash on the server.  One of the main reasons given is that people require the capability to download patches directly to the server.  For many users, this is a major concern since the server is frequently in a remote datacenter.  One solution for this issue is to download the patches using wget.

wget is a command line utility that is part of the GNU project.  It is a non-interactive command line tool that will download files http, https and ftp.  Oracle provides instructions for using wget in Metalink Note 841055.1 and (for now at least–it will go away when Classic Metalink is retired) as part of the login splash when you ftp to

To use wget to download a patch, you will need to get the url behind the download button.

Right Click on the button,  select Properties and copy the address.

You can then run the command:

wget –http-user=user –http-password=password – “pasted address”

using your My Oracle Support username and password.

For example:

wget – –http-passwd=yeah_right – “”

If wget is not installed, have your system administrator install it for you.  It is available on most platforms.

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