An Oracle Support Gotcha When Upgrading EBS R12 to

If you are not aware, My Oracle Support enforces the limits to patch access during extended support of a product. If you try to download a patch that is in extended support, you get an error message telling you to contact Support Sales. I have no problem with this in general. However, I do have a problem when I cannot get patches that are required for a product still under premier support.

A major example of this occurs when trying to upgrade R12 to because Oracle uses time zone version 14 which means I need to upgrade the R12 tech stack to use time zone version 14 files. According to note 563019.1, this means applying the time zone patch (9742718) to the 10.1.2 Oracle Home in the apps tier. Unfortunately, in spite the fact that R12 is still under premier support, it is not possible to download the required patch since 10.1 is in extended support.

This has not always been the case, If you were upgrading to, you would require the version 11 time zone patch (8524113). You can download this patch with a valid EBS CSI. You can also download patch 7695050, the required DST pre-req patch for time zone versions greater than 10. You cannot download version 13, 14 or 15 (the most current) patches at this time.

Hopefully, Oracle will get this resolved soon. Until then, all you can do is open an SR and have the analyst send you the required patch. Expect several iterations of them telling you to contact sales while you patiently explain this is to patch R12 which is still in premier support.

I will update this blog as soon as I can find a better solution (or Oracle fixes the access to the patch).

Update 8 March 2011: The patches still appear to be blocked, but I have been assured that Oracle is working to resolve the issue internally. They expect the patches to be available for download soon.

Update 31 March 2011: Still not available.  Hopefully this will be resolved before Collaborate.

Update 14 April 2011: Still not available.

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