Just before Openworld started, made several major announcements that all users of the E-Business Suite should be know about.

Support Changes
The exception to sustaining support for has been extended until Dec 2015. Oracle will also supply 1099 forms for the US in 2014. For HR customers, regulatory updates will be provided for the. US, UK and Canada through the end of fiscal year 2014.

Premier support for R12.1 has been extended from May. 2014 to Dec 2016. The change increased the support period for extended support until Dec 2019.

Database Certifications and 12c (without the new features such as pluggable databases) was announced for, R12.0.x and R12.1.x

JRE and JDK 7 are certified for use with the DBS.

Windows 8 and Safari on iPads have been certified.

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