There were two major announcements for EBS users this week at the OATUG Forum Online which runs through Friday May 1 (if you are not registered, you should be–great sessions and access to the recordings of the sessions is only available to people who are registered).

First, EBS primary support has been extended through 2031. The intention is to continue as a 10+ year rolling end date for primary support. In other words, the EBS team anticipates a 2032 announcement next year around this time.

Second, the extended support fee waiver for database and has been extended through the end of extended support for those products. This means the end of this year for and the end of July 2022 for Details on the support fee waiver and instructions on how to get it are in MOS note 2522948.

It can take a couple of weeks to get the fee waiver approved, so do not wait until there is a patch you must have to start the issue.

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