Case Sensitive Database Passwords with EBS 12.2

Main Reference: MOS Note 1581584.1

Assumption: EBS Version is 12.2.3+

Preliminary Steps

  1. Shutdown the apps tier
  2. Using FNDCPASS or AFPASSWD change APPS/APPLSYS/APPS_NE to be  uppercase
  3. Change all other EBS database users to be uppercase
  4. Verify connectivity using sqlplus on the apps tier

Making the change

  2. Shutdown and restart the database
  3. In $TNS_ADMIN/sqlnet_ifile.ora, add SQLNET.ALLOWED_LOGON_VERSION_SERVER = 10
  4. Verify you can login to the APPS user and APPLSYSPUB user using sqlplus on the apps tier
  5. Using FNDCPASS or AFPASSWD, change the APPS/APPLSYS/APPS_NE password, then change the rest of the EBS database passwords to be uppercase

The database is now set up to allow case sensitive database passwords.  Any existing database accounts are case insensitive until they are changed for the first time at which point they will become case sensitive.

The APPLSYSPUB account password must be uppercase.

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