Printer setup for the E-Business Suite in Oracle Enterprise Linux Part 1 New Printer Types

Unfortunately, the list of printers available to Enterprise Linux distros is missing many printers used in the real world.  You can find drivers for most printers and information about how to install them at

However, many of the drivers available there are for LSB 3.2 and many Enterprise Linux distros are not LSB 3.2 compliant (LSB certification provides a standard, but it moves faster than Enterprise Linux distros).

Many printers can be used as long as the correct PPD file is installed.  At, you can download the correct custom PPD file, and you will find the instructions for installing new drivers in cups.  Do not follow these instructions.  You need to add the PPD file through system-config-printer.  The only way I have found to do this is in the GUI version.

Run system-config-printer, click on the Action Menu and choose Import PPD.

Make sure you pay attention to the order that you add PPD files.  These PPD files are added sequentially rather than with the model named.  This means that if you want to migrate the queues to another server, you need to add the PPDs in the same order or you will have to edit the printers after adding them.

After the PPD file has been added, the printer model will show up under the appropriate manufacturer containing a driver of type PPD.